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SiSTiNE Beyond the Threshold E.P.

1. As Time Passes By...

2. Selection from Stitches Life*

3. From the Outside

4. In Our Way


Bonus Tracks!

5. Last Call 4 Alcohol (Sanctuary Demo)*

6. Bloodshot (Sanctuary Demo)*

7. As Time Passes By (Remix feat. Don Ivan)*

Beyond the Threshold E.P. - SiSTiNE

$10.00 Regular Price
$8.00Sale Price

    Steven Bejarano - bass, b.vocal, guitar, keys

    Joe Palma - vocals, keys

    Sergio Palma - guitar

    Joe Montelongo - drums

    Mike Palma - guitar

    Charlie Barcelo - drums on "Last Call 4 Alcohol" & "Bloodshot"


    Recorded by Dave "Panda" Dominguez at Crafted Recording Studio in Arcadia, CA

    Songs written by Steven Gonzalo Bejarano

    except for * 

    * "Selection from Stitches Life" lyrics based off a poem by Deanna "Lenore" Lopez

    * "Last Call 4 Alcohol" & "Bloodshot" is written by J.Palma, S.Bejarano, C.Barcelo, S.Palma, M.Palma

    * "As Time Passes By (Remix feat. Don Ivan)" was remixed by Don Ivan



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