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Yankee Azteca E.P.

1. No,NO,No

2. Cumbia Del Sol (Hector Quintero)

3. Tren Al Sur (Los Prisioneros)

4. Ya No Estas*

5. Vehicle (Ides of March)

6. La Revo*

Yankee Azteca E.P.

$10.00 Regular Price
$8.00Sale Price
  • Steven Bejarano - electric & standup bass

    Jose Chitica - vocals

    Reese Durham - drums

    Pedro Chitica - rhythm guitar, vocals

    Art Rodriguez - guitar


    recorded, engineered, mixed, & mastered by Gilbert Valdez at Royal Riff Raff Recording Studio in Whittier, CA

    special guest artist

    Victor Salas - percussion

    Miles Diaz - Trumpet

    Tijuana String Quartet - strings


    *"No,NO,No", "Ya No Estas" written by Yankee Azteca (J.Chitica,S.Bejarano,A.Rodriguez,R.Durham,P.Chitica)

    *"La Revo" written by Jose & Pedro Chitica (Homenaje a Raul "Kilos" Chitica)


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